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What is fishque?

This is a new and unique method to measure and scale the human personality.

The method

Fishque uses 5 big markers such as focus, tecnnique, head, interest-carrying, self-carrying. These markers contain 11 dimensions. You can see, we use more markers than our competitors. Due to huge numbers our personality-types represent real personalties more precisely.

However, our 48 personality-types provide you a wide scale to understand yourself, the Fishque method contains more additionial markers. With these 50 semi-markers we can create a very detailed personality analysis.


Our tests contain questions not only about the core-personality but the motivation. We accurately insert the personality of examined person into motivaton-scale. Maybe 15 independent categories seem more than neccessary to describe a person's motivation-map, they help to reveal the smallest difference between humans behaviour.

Fields of life

The personality shows different faces at different field of life. Those faces could have significant power to another field. This phenomena is unexplainable for other systems, but we can measure and understand also the deepest connections in the personality.

You may get this complex system and services from 1.000* USD/year.

* This price does not contain VAT or any other tax.